A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Little Big Home is a surreal platformer about revisiting the twisted memories of your childhood home. In it, you will use cushions to bounce and a yo-yo to fling your way through old memories and collect remnants of your past life. 

Can you get through all three levels, collect all three remnants, and escape the twisted distortion of your childhood home?  

This game was made as part of the 2019 Global Game Jam and polished up in the weeks afterwards. (No similarities with or connections to Little Big Planet - just a fun reference!) It was created by:

Narrative Design: 
Josh Bealing 

Music & Sound:
Casey Cameron 
Website | Soundcloud | Twitter

Tristan Damron
Website | Twitter | itch.io

Game Design & Level Design: 
Jesse David Morgan
Website | Twitter | Instagram

Mark Nerys
Website | Twitter | Instagram

Matt O'Tousa
Website | Twitter | Instagram | itch.io

Install instructions

This game is built to be played with a keyboard and mouse. The yo-yo in the Windows version can have issues in later levels if a controller is connected. If you cannot get the yo-yo to work, try disconnecting any controllers.


Little Big Home.app.zip 40 MB
Little Big Home (Windows).zip 41 MB


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I really liked the design of the game; it has a very interesting and distinct look to it. Enjoyed playing the game.

I'm glad you like the art! Our artist did all of the textures by hand using water color paint. 

I think this kid went through some pyro-drama. Good work with this project. :)


Thanks for the play through!